Southern Rajasthan

Concentrating on the Mewar region around Udaipur and the beautiful Aravalli Hills, this short tour is relaxing and all encompassing. It includes a majestic city, glorious rural countryside, rolling hills, unspoilt villages, family life, horse riding opportunities, and wildlife. All the drives are deliciously short. It can easily be linked with Western or Eastern Rajasthan to form a longer journey.

  • Day 1 - Fly to Delhi or Bombay
  • Day 2 - Fly to Udaipur for 2 nights at the lovely Bujera Fort. Afternoon free.
  • Day 3 - Exploring Udaipur and the environs, walking in the village.
  • Day 4 - Drive to Jawai for 2 nights at the exquisite SUJÁN JAWAI. Afternoon game drive.
  • Day 5 - Walking with the Rabari (shepherds) in this beautiful area, walking in the hills, jeep safaris, picnicking, bird watching on the lake.
  • Day 6 - Drive to Narlai for 2 nights at historic Rawla Narlai. Evening climb up the rock to get your bearings.
  • Day 7 - Jeep safaris, walking in the village, dining at the stepwell, horse riding.
  • Day 8 - Drive to Deogarh for 2 nights at delightful, family run Dev Shree. Afternoon free.
  • Day 9 - Exploring the village, jeep or vintage car safaris, picnicking, bird watching, relaxing by the pool and lake.
  • Day 10 - Drive to Delwara for 3 nights at the magnificent hilltop palace of RAAS Devigarh. Enjoy an Ila Spa treatment.
  • Day 11 / Day 12 - Walk in the hills and village, relax by the pool admiring the huge views.
  • Day 13 - Drive to Udaipur and fly to Delhi or Bombay for flights home.