Ramathra Fort, Sapotra

Ramathra Fort, Sapotra

This dreamy little hotel lies in a beautifully unspoilt and pretty area of Eastern Rajasthan, south-east of Jaipur and nestled between Ranthambore and Keoladeo National Parks. The 350 year old Ramathra Fort was originally the 17th Century stronghold of the Jadoan Rajputs and today belongs to their descendants, who are your highly affable, energetic and involved hosts. Brick by brick they have devotedly restored this unique fort and it now oozes charm and warmth, beguiling all who stay here. It sits on a mound, surrounded by farmland, wilderness, lakes, gorges, plateaus and hillocks.

The views are spectacular and even during the driest months, the area remains green and the lake retains its water. The 6 tents are scattered around the perimeter of the garden inside the ramparts. They are spacious and have excellent, fixed bathrooms. They are decorated very prettily with geese block printed fabrics and with modern, comfortable furniture. The 6 rooms and suites are on the first and second floor of the main fort and are large, light and airy. The suites have a large sitting room, balcony, a cosy fireplace and an outdoor tub and shower looking out over the hills.

A stay at Ramathra offers one a chance to experience the great outdoors and ‘village India ' at its best, combined with a little fort lifestyle and exceptional Rajput hospitality. A rural idyll; a birdwatcher's paradise; a nature lover's dream.

Eco / environmental / responsible tourism policy

Ramathra fort is 350 years old and has been restored using local materials and local artisans and workmen, ensuring the style is totally in line with the traditional style.

The Fort is on a hill which had suffered severely from deforestation over past years. The owning family have reforested the hill and all the recycled grey water from the fort is used for irrigating this area. As a result, the forest is returning with exciting and fast tree growth. Wild animals are also returning to live in the area, in abundance.

They grow, buy and use organic and locally grown food. They have a small farm where they grow their own organic vegetables. The staff at Ramathra Fort is 100% Local including the guides/boatman - they are considered part of the family. The family have 3 personal temples which are a trust & guests visit all these temples on a village walk and can take part in all festivals and village celebrations in a very low-key way.

School & Medical facilities - Ramathra is very remote and totally untouched by urban city life. A guest will not ee anybody begging or pestering them for anything and they would like to keep it that way. Guests are requested to not give out any gifts or money to anybody but, if they'd like to contribute, they are invited to make a contribution towards the school which needs a lot of encouraging specially the 'girl children's education'.

Guests' contributions would go towards: wrm clothes & shoes for children; planting trees; claning the school; mdical facilities & a small dispensary at the village otherwise they have to walk 3 Kms for medical facilities; small first aid boxes & teaching the locals how to use them; time - just spend time with the children read to them & be a part of the school activities.


For reservations please contact your tour operator, your local travel agent,or the hotel direct.

Must Do

Take a night drive in the surrounding forest, and birdwatch whilst cruising on the lake.


By air to Jaipur followed by a 4 hour drive.

By train to Gangapur City followed by a 1 hour drive.

By car from Ranthambore, Bhainsrorgarh or Shahpura and longer from Agra.

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