Mahout Services


The other invaluable services that the company offers to the travel industry, the press and the public at large, are listed below.


MAhout offers a representation service for a collection of special hotels in India. The hotels we work with tend to be either small and privately owned or stylish and exclusive, but all are charming and full of character. MAhout provides them with a face and a voice in the UK, aiming to create greater exposure and increased brand awareness in the press, the travel trade and amongst the general public. Through visiting tour operators and training staff, it will increase sales and be in a position to give trade and property feedback to both parties. Marketing and appointment handling, together with public relations activities on a limited and re-active basis, will also be undertaken on a property's behalf. Access to images, brochures and fact sheets are also readily available.

Hotel Information

Representing India's finest collection of small, intimate, forts and palaces; boutique hotels; jungle lodges and camps; desert, beach and mountain retreats; spas and family run hotels. Look no further for the ultimate Indian experience. If you're planning a visit to India, these are the hotels for you. The most atmospheric, exclusive and exciting hotels in the country, they will allow you a glimpse of India and an insight into the country that other hotels rarely do.

With nigh on 28 years' experience in the industry, MAhout is ideally positioned to offer expert advice on all our Indian hotels. The company's in depth knowledge and long history of working with India enables it to pass on open and honest feedback from each hotel. Travelling regularly to update its knowledge, Mahout has firsthand knowledge of every property it represents and often has this information prior to anyone else. MAhout guarantees up to date, accurate information.

MAhout offers an intensely personal service, which is rarely found these days.

Image Library

Resulting from years of globetrotting and exploring the world, the company has built up a formidable collection of rarely seen high quality digital images which are available for hire. Should you require an image of almost any hotel in The Subcontinent - be it a bedroom, bathroom, building or garden - MAhout has it. We also boast excellent generic images of India, its people, the flora and fauna.

Advisory / Consultancy Service

As a result of MAhout's long experience in the industry, the company has a profound understanding of the travel trade and a deep insight into how to operate in this field. Combined with its unbeatable product knowledge, it is in a perfect position to pass on valued advice on all aspects of setting up a new, destination-based product and on how to launch it on the market.

The company can be hired for brainstorming and planning on a project basis, be it short or long term. It will advise on how to go about finding the right ground handler, choosing which airlines to work with, planning unique itineraries, and selecting outstanding hotels. Together with advice on brochure design and how to gain maximum exposure, it will ensure the creation of a lasting and successful product.

Travel writing / Copy writing

Having spent so long travelling around the world, both backpacking and on business, the staff at MAhout has a huge range of stories to tell and destination information to impart. They will be more than happy to write about their personal experiences and about any emerging hotel gems that they discover on their travels, for newspapers, newsletters or magazines.

Similarly, with its considerable experience in the writing, design and production of travel brochures and newsletters, MAhout has the skill and knowledge to help with writing copy for brochures and it can be hired on a daily, a weekly or on a project basis.