MAhout Kindred Hotels

MAhout Kindred hotels are equally special and delicious in their own way. With a slightly lower price tag in some instances, these hotels are wonderfully homely and intimate and most have locations and views to die for, not to mention a fascinating history or architectural grandeur. Staying in any one of them will make you feel you are a friend of the family rather than a visitor; that it is your home rather than a temporary halt; that you are a part of the country and not ‘looking in from the outside’.

These delightful, often family run, hotels give you an insight into aspects of Indian life that other hotels cannot hope to do. Sometimes you may be staying with families / owners in historic, family homes; sometimes you may be staying in newly built boutique hotels in unique locations – they all have a sense of peace and intimacy and exclusivity that is rare in India.

Whichever MAhout Kindred hotel you choose to stay at, it will allow you to immerse yourself in Indian culture and its wonderfully warm hospitality - revealing ‘village India’ at its best, along with all the colour, chaos and fun that goes with it.

MAhout Kindred Hotels are deliciously homely and intimate.