MAhout Advice - Hotel & Travel Information

Since each and every hotel in the MAhout Collection is visited every one or two years, our in-house knowledge is up to date and unrivalled. Anyone may call to ask about any aspect of any property we represent – be it which rooms have wheelchair access which have a loo with a view; how many restaurants; are hair dryers and bathrobes supplied.

All questions are answered instantly by telephone or email. The press, the trade and the public may call to ask for images or information or brochures on any one of our properties and they will receive swift, accurate and honest information by return. With each hotel being so different and independently owned, there is no common thread that runs through them all and each is entirely different in terms of style, management, atmosphere, character, size, location and price.

That is what makes them all so unique and exciting to visit – each new place is a new ‘wow’ moment for guests staying there. They can only be compared in so much as each will leave a guest with lasting, happy memories of a truly ‘Indian’ moment for every guest staying.

With India being so vast and varied and with so many topographic and climatic zones, along with so many hotels of differing standards and prices, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to planning your perfect visit there. With people of different height, colour, religion, culture and language spread all around the different states, even combining more than one state can be like trying to combine a 2 week holiday in Iceland and Sicily. You end up rushing, and seeing / learning little about either culture / country.

Planning a trip to India can be confusing and time consuming. It is wise to stick to a smaller area and really get to know it and to work out in advance exactly what you want out of the holiday. MAhout’s long association with India, and deep knowledge of its ways and practices, can be of invaluable assistance in advising you on the perfect route and holiday – ensuring each personalised journey is absolutely right for you and your budget.

India is an intimate, personal country and holidays can now be tailored to suit all. With the MAhout gems, you may go off the beaten track in style and comfort or relish the highlights in authentic grandeur or historic simplicity – bespoke sojourns at their best! We can be trusted to give you totally truthful advice on all aspects of travelling within this magical land as we know our subject inside out.