Praya Villas, North Goa

Situated in North Goa, near lovely Morjim Beach, Praya Villas comprises a unique cluster of 14 outrageously lovely villas set in beautiful gardens, just a short stroll from one of Goa’s loveliest beaches. They have been constructed with a look towards native Goan architecture with a Portuguese element running through them. They are traditional in design, yet entirely contemporary in style and they want for nothing. Built to accommodate the wafting sea breezes and to allow the ‘outside inside’, they are lofty, light and airy and feel wonderfully spacious.

All the villas have 4 stunning ensuite bedrooms, private pools, large sitting rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and oodles of space. They are built on 2 floors and are either Sea View with a garden looking to the beach (5) or sitting in their own, private garden (4). There is also Concha and the Courtyard Villa which have different design concepts but also have their own pools. The villas come with highly trained chefs who will produce scrumptious meals from all over the world. However, each villa has a well equipped kitchen to allow for self-catering or for those who don’t want every meal catered and who like to do ‘their own thing’ for the odd meal. That is the beauty of Praya – it is highly flexible and really is like being in your own home, yet you’re in a private villa in an idyllic part of the world.

The villas boast shady terraces for dining al fresco and relaxing; they have spacious balconies; the taste and style of the villas is superb. They are full of beautiful furniture, much of it reclaimed and limed to create a ‘lightness’ to the rooms; and soft, earthy colours that are easy on the eye. Flashes of colour in the furnishings make a lovely contrast and everything has ‘feel appeal’ – exceptional quality and everything state of the art.

There is a wonderful, chilled out, chic beach bar and restaurant, exclusive to Praya guests. Barraca is a gem of a place where you can spend hours drinking and feasting right on the beach, making a change from dining in your villa or if you don’t want to venture off the premises. Alternatively, beautifully romantic private dinners can be arranged on the beach – a truly memorable experience!

For those seeking a restorative moment, there is a yoga pavilion with fully qualified yoga instructors; a superbly well equipped gym; and holistic spa treatments are also available. All this can be arranged when on site and at any time.

If not relaxing in the comfort of your villa, by day there is plenty to do. Wander down to lovely Morjim Beach which is also home to one of the great turtle hatching sites of the country. There is wind-surfing and parasailing for ocean lovers. A short distance away is historic Chapora Fort or you can spend a day exploring the intriguing history and sights of Old Goa. Borrow one of the inhouse bikes and cycle off into the surrounding lanes, villages and countryside. If that’s not enough, there is a plethora of fabulous shops and restaurants nearby – enough to keep you busy and ‘full’ for days! The world’s your oyster here.

The villas can be rented for any length of time and there is no restriction on the number of nights but we’d not advise coming for less than 3 nights which really is only 2 days on the beach. These gorgeous villas deserve a little longer and you’ll be furious with yourself if not booked for long enough. Some guests love these villas so much that they rent them for months at a time, so don’t delay booking your ‘Goan home!’ The owning family have gone to great lengths to make this the perfect hotel cum villa cum home and this shines through in every aspect of the property. The love, care, thought and attention to detail reveals itself throughout this unique place.

Eco / environmental / responsible tourism policy

Rainwater is harvested during the monsoon for the hotel’s use. Sewage treatment plants treat the grey water which is then used for the garden’s irrigation. All systems in the villas are state of the art and designed to use minimal power, minimal water and are as silent as possible. Organic waste convertors and compost pits convert solid waste into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste. All non- biodegradable waste is segregated and re-cycled appropriately. LED lights are throughout the property and they use the sun’s heat to reduce electricity consumption in water heating.

In order to minimize the damage to the ecology of the area, when landscaping the property, they planted native species of foliage that would encourage, nurture and provide a welcoming habitat for indigenous wildlife. No ground water was used during construction; and no earth was displaced - all the topsoil excavated during construction was reused onsite for levelling and landscaping. The sand dunes ringing the property have been kept untouched and undisturbed, whilst also protecting them by planting dune plants and erecting a fence.

Much of the furniture, doors and wood you will see around the property has been recycled, sourced from old redundant buildings, and restored to fit their new purpose. Local materials, such as laterite, have been used wherever possible, in keeping with the local environment.

As a part of a way to give back and conserve the environment, they are implementing a robust turtle conservation and management plan in association with CEE and Goa Forest Department, which will protect the endangered Olive Ridley turtle nesting sites on the beach. The plan includes protection of the nesting area, a rescue and rehabilitation facility and promoting awareness on the subject in the hope that, together, the community will value this precious ecosystem.

Party Moments

A perfect place for a party as you can take one or all the villas for a grand event. Verdant lawns all make this an ideal outdoor entertaining venue. With plenty of staff and catering on site, they can make anything happen here. A huge variety of local entertainment possible.


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must do

Dine under the stars on what, at night, will be like your very own private beach. Surrounded by candles and smiling staff, feast on delicious seafood whilst listening to the breaking waves.


By air to Goa from Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, followed by a 1 hour road journey.

By train to Vasco da Gama, followed by a half hour road journey.

By car from Kahani Paradise, Cabo Serai (South Goa), Hampi / Hubli (long drive) or other parts of Goa and the Karnataka or Maharashtra borders.

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