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Shakti Himalaya is, perhaps, the most visionary, innovative, luxurious and exclusive Himalayan product in existence. For those who seek space, peace and natural beauty, Shakti offers a rare opportunity to discover compellingly beautiful and remote regions of India. Over the past couple of years the hugely dedicated, passionate and committed Shakti team have been working tirelessly to improve and perfect their four products and, today, there is nothing quite like it in the market.

Shakti provides privilege and access to far-flung places removed from the noise and clutter of the modern world by opening up the beauty of the Himalaya to the sophisticated traveller. Shakti was conceived to share the rejuvenating effects of remote surroundings – where space, peace and epic landscapes provoke the imagination and nourish the mind, body and soul. In these environments of intense beauty, vivid colour and soothing serenity, the traveller can slow down for a bit and simply ‘be’.

For anyone wanting an extraordinary, unique, wilderness and walking experience in the Himalaya, there really is no-one who does it better than Shakti Himalaya. Where else in the high Himalaya, or indeed any mountain region in the world, can you be entirely on your own, not see another tourist for days, wander along carefully chosen and graded paths in the trusted hands of a charming, well-spoken guide who will become your friend by the end of your time with him or her? (Each walk is privately guided and the guides are highly experienced at looking after guests of a wide variety of fitness levels and of all ages).

After such a remote walk where else can you return each night to the delicious comfort of a cosy village house replete with fine linen, deep mattresses, soft pillows, hot-water bottles, a feast of a dinner, a warming log fire, a glass of chilled wine or beer, and the company of fascinating mountain people? All this finery is entirely understated and natural with locals being involved in all aspects of the houses’ ‘development’, along with local materials having being sourced and used. It is an experience that you simply cannot get anywhere else and is the epitome of low-impact, sustainable tourism.

What makes Shakti stand out, given the remote wilderness regions in which it operates, is the exceptional staff and service; the overriding comfort, style and sophistication that runs throughout their product range; the character and atmosphere of the houses; the staff’s charm, passion, knowledge and experience, along with their subtle understanding of the area; the ingenuity and creativity of their hand-picked walks – each is tailored to suit an individual’s fitness, age, wants and wishes; the company’s superb and mutually respectful relationships with the people they work with - in the villages, the houses’ owners, their own team and their drivers.

This high level of service and attention to detail is rare in India and it all begins with an initial enquiry to the Delhi office where the Shakti team are charming and knowledgeable. It is all these small but vital elements that make up this exceptional product and which is what a guest pays for. This isn’t refuge walking with hordes of other ramblers; it isn’t trekking from basic hut to hut on a well-trodden, often litter-strewn trail. It is Himalayan exploration in the lap of sophisticated yet understated, rustic, homely luxury and it is unparalleled in terms of comfort, fun, adventure and exploration. With almost a sense of ‘being a pioneer’, it allows one to really get ‘under the skin’ of an area and to ‘live’ it, like no other Himalayan product does!

Having spent years perfecting and bettering their homes, Shakti now has 4 unique Himalayan walking and wilderness products. All Village Walks are limited to four people at a time in order to minimise the impact.

Shakti Himalaya has opened up areas of the Himalaya previously unvisited or unvisitable due to a lack of infrastructure. What they have created and provide, in the middle of nowhere, is truly astounding and almost has to be seen to be believed. The Shakti experience is, literally, incredible, so we would urge you to come and experience it for yourselves. You’ll never sleep or eat as well anywhere else in the mountains!


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