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Shakti Kumaon

Situated at the western end of the Himalayan foothills, almost due north of Delhi, Kumaon is an intensely pretty area of rich, green open valleys, high hills and rambling hill stations which is often left off the tourist trail and remains wonderfully unexploited.

The people are also friendly and inviting which makes it an ideal area to wander through. Shakti Kumaon comprises 3 – 5 days of relaxed walking through glorious, rolling Himalayan foothills, from village to village, accompanied by a private, knowledgeable and affable guide. He /she will share his /her deep knowledge of the area with you, allowing you to absorb and discover the region’s people, culture, flora and fauna at your own pace.

Nights are spent in delightful, snug village houses which are authentic but quietly sophisticated and immaculately maintained. Their chef will create delicious Kumaoni delicacies in the evenings, as well as hearty breakfasts to send you on your way. Lunch tends to be sumptuous picnics set up in impossibly pretty areas and vehicles are never far away in case you tire of walking. Where else can you just get up and go, knowing your luggage will be there waiting for you as you stroll into your next house each evening?


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must do

Spend as long as you can on these idyllic walks, and see the bells in Chittai Temple.


Open: October to Mid-May

By train to Kathgodam, followed by a 4 hour drive.