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Shakti Sikkim

Situated at the eastern of the Himalayan foothills, the distant former kingdom of Sikkim is a truly stunning area. With more jagged, steep foothills than Kumaon, its valleys are deep and impressive and Buddhist and Lepcha villages cling to the hillsides like a colony of limpets.

The walking is a little more vigorous than in Kumaon but no less beautiful, exciting nor rewarding .Here one may step out of the modern world for 3 – 6 days, again walking from village to village, joining ceremonies in village temples and partaking in traditional Sikkimese life that would otherwise be impossible. This walk allows you glimpses of a lifestyle and the warm hospitality of the Sikkimese that others rarely get to see.

The village houses have been brilliantly spruced up to provide proper comfort without compromising their authenticity. Some have balconies with views over fields and valleys, whilst others are deep in the forest, but all are perfectly hosted and catered with a roving chef who will introduce you to the delicious intricacies of Sikkimese cuisine. Seeing and listening to young Buddhist monks chanting away in a monastery, as it slowly emerges from the early morning mist is an extraordinary humbling experience.

Party Moments

These carefully and exquisitely tailored walks would be a really unusual and special way to spend a few days with friends or family who want to spend time together on a longer celebration with less ‘pomp’ and glamour but with no less comfort, nor care, nor delicious cuisine. An exceptional ‘party holiday’ for the more active and adventurous. Limited local entertainment possible.


For reservations please contact your tour operator, your local travel agent,
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must do

Get up early to attend early morning prayers at a remote monastery.


Open: October to Mid-May

By air to Bagdogra followed by a 4-5 hour drive to your village house.

By road (3-4 hours) from Glenburn Tea Estate and Darjeeling.