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MAhout Advice Parties and Events

With more and more people clamouring for evermore glamorous ‘venues’ to celebrate a special date or event in their lives, we find that they are willing to travel far and wide to find that perfect venue which will ‘wow’ their guests.

The ultimate choice of venue is often dictated by cost, size, location or access and that is where MAhout hotels come into their own. Between them, they offer a varied array of fabulous places to celebrate special events, anniversaries or birthdays in style, and according to budget and numbers. With each of the MAhout hotels being unique and so extraordinarily varied and special, with their very own ‘ID’ and character, almost each and every one of them provides the perfect place for a party, a wedding or a grand celebration.

There’s virtually nothing that can’t be arranged in India and they LOVE parties. Flamboyance, entertainment, excess, colour and light are what they excel at and the MAhout hotels are ideal party places. Varying in size and location – some with more outdoors than indoors and vice versa; some in deep countryside and some in the heart of a historic city – almost all of them provide the ideal venue for some kind of takeover or other.

Many of them work well hired together, for a very large gathering, as they are close to each other and others link up very well for ‘before’ and ‘after’ parties as they are in similar areas. Given that there is not a huge corporate structure to work through with these hotels, it also means that so much can be arranged at relatively short notice, AND they can make anything happen as the owners themselves will usually be highly involved in the planning and production of each event.

MAhout Advice Parties and Events

On each hotel’s individual page, we outline what we think are most suitable for that and we hope you find this guide useful if you are planning a bit of a ‘do’ in the near future. For an unsurpassed experience and a lifetime of happy, exuberant memories Come and party with us!