MAhout Routes

MAhout Hotels each have their own style and identity. They cannot be given star ratings and, with India being so vast and with so much to offer, sometimes it can be difficult to work out what you want to do, where you want to go and then how best to link the hotels together. MAhout Routes reveal just how many ways in which it can be done, using MAhout Hotels and often combining other cities of interest where we do not represent a hotel, thus creating the perfect itinerary of varying lengths. Many tend to rush around the country or state, trying to see and do too much, thus turning their holiday into an endurance test! This is unwise and unnecessary and here we list a few ideas which, we hope, helps you to come up with your perfect plan! Please contact us for ideas, advice or with any queries you may have.

In Rajasthan we have a collection of hotels both in the major cities and spread around the countryside, all over the state. All can be linked into one lovely itinerary, but they also form their own ‘satellite’ itineraries around the major hubs. We believe that one can turn a visit to Rajasthan into a very leisurely, but no less exciting nor culturally less interesting journey, by visiting a small area fanning out around a major city. This allows longer, more relaxing stays, diverse hotels and cuts road travel down to a minimum – ‘slow travel’ is what it’s all about.

Our South Indian hotels link well across the area, combining Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Much of watery south Kerala is buzzy and fun, whilst north Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu remain wonderfully untouched and unexploited and our hotels can be linked together to form a fabulous itinerary.

With India boasting some stunning game parks, MAhout is proud to represent the very best properties in a wide variety of them and they all combine well in different itineraries. The main wildlife ‘hub’ is Madhya Pradesh which is hugely pretty but involves quite a bit of travel and early starts, so it’s important to end somewhere relaxing and comfortable.

The Himalayas, both in the east and the west of India, have to be amongst the most compellingly beautiful and awe-inspiring places on earth and our mountain journeys offer you a chance to explore some of these exquisite, remote wilderness areas either on foot or in exceptional, understated luxury in mountain-top lodges or exquisite tea estates.

MAhout Routes - Eastern Rajasthan

Eastern Rajasthan

Concentrating on the area around Jaipur, this delightful tour combines all the highlights of ‘The Golden Triangle’...
MAhout Routes - Northern Rajasthan

Northern Rajasthan

Concentrating on the Marwar region around Jodhpur, this tour reveals a wonderfully varied mix of cities, desert, hills...
MAhout Routes - Southern Rajasthan

Southern Rajasthan

Concentrating on the Mewar region around Udaipur and the beautiful Aravalli Hills, this short tour is relaxing and all...
MAhout Routes - Indian Wildlife - Madhya Pradesh

Indian Wildlife - Madhya Pradesh

A stunning tour taking in the key ‘wild’ highlights of this beautiful state in the heart of India. These diverse parks...
MAhout Routes - Eastern India and the Himalaya

Eastern India and the Himalaya

A truly special tour for lovers of the mountains, walking, the tea culture and vibrant cities. Beginning with an amazing...
MAhout Routes - Northern India and the Himalaya

Northern India and the Himalaya

Another fabulous tour for walkers, nature and mountain lovers. Head up into the glorious, unexploited, Himalayan...
MAhout Routes - Ladakh and Kashmir

Ladakh and Kashmir

Ladakh offers the perfect summer holiday as this area comes into its own when the rest of India is wet and soggy...
MAhout Routes - Southern India

Southern India

Tamil Nadu and Kerala combined, make for the perfect, hugely varied but fairly long tour of The South...
MAhout Routes - The Deccan Plateau and Goa

The Deccan Plateau and Goa

Perhaps one of the most intriguing yet least visited areas of India, the Deccan Plateau boasts some of the most...
MAhout Routes - Staying on

Staying on

Any of these trips can be mixed and matched to suit your wants and wishes. Extend a trip with a few days on the beach...