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MAhout Advice Travel and Planning

Deciding where you want to go on holiday and then selecting what you want to do on holiday can be a burden, but looking to the subcontinent makes it easy as there is something for everyone at any given time of year. One of the basic rules to follow is don’t try to do too much; leave something for next time; less is more! At Mahout, we know each and every nook and cranny of all four countries and we can help guide you through the idiosyncrasies of each one, ensuring it is right for you. We visit every hotel so our in-house knowledge is up to date and unrivalled - be it which rooms have wheelchair access which have a loo with a view; how many restaurants; are hair dryers and bathrobes supplied.

All our holidays are bespoke and designed entirely to suit you – our attention to detail and flexibility is renowned. We can arrange anything to anywhere and to any budget – there are hotels that are glorious and wildly expensive, and others that are a delight and well-priced – we know and work with them all. All questions are answered instantly by telephone or email. With each of the hotels we represent being so different and independently owned, there is no common thread that runs through them all and each is entirely unique in terms of style, management, atmosphere, character, size, location and price. That is what makes them all so exciting to visit – each new place is a new ‘wow’ moment for guests staying there. The key thing is to give yourself time to ‘be there’ – they are so special that you want to have time to ‘live’ them rather than rushing through.

MAhout Advice Travel and Planning

Our trusted guides, drivers and logistical team on the ground in each country are as passionate about ensuring you have the holiday of a lifetime as we are. Should you want to get involved with local philanthropic ventures; to immerse yourself in learning the art of a traditional craft or dance form; to learn regional cookery techniques; to meet fascinating people – we know them and can arrange it all – you can immerse!

We listen. We understand. We can create your dream. You will return with life-long memories of your sojourn in the subcontinent, so steeped in legend and mystery.